Why is the price of mulch film so different?

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Mulch film has brought great benefits to agricultural cultivation. Mulch film color: black mulch film , silver black mulch film , transparent mulch film , also a few growers order other colors of mulch film . Agricultural mulch film is made of polyethylene production, with good heat preservation, moisture conservation, weeding function. Vegetable planting, fruit tree planting and medicinal materials planting have good effects on crop growth and yield.

What is the role of mulch film

Why is the price difference of mulch film in the market so big?

As we all know, polyethylene is refined from petroleum, the price of petroleum and polyethylene are unified, the difference is not too big, some places because the electricity is lower, rent is lower, the price of plastic film is relatively lower, but the difference is not too big. The reasons for the price difference are as follows: is the mulch film selling by gross weight? The weight of the paper tube core is also several kilograms. Is the mulch film made from completely new materials? There are hundreds or thousands of differences between the price of recycled materials and the cost of the production of new raw materials. The tensile property of the plastic film produced by recycled materials is very poor, and the aging resistance is not enough. Are anti-uv agents or anti-aging materials added to the production of plastic film? Add aging resistant material to extend the service life of ordinary film about twice. Especially in the summer planting, the sun is strong, south China, Southeast Asia, high temperature, it is easy to break the crops before they grow, causing weeds to grow.


The above is the main reason why the price of mulch film is not the same, combined with their own use to order the film suitable for you. The cost of mulch  film is not high, if you buy bad mulching affects not only the cost of mulch film , but also the output of artificial and crops.

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