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Weed control membrane

Sward membrane has the ability to heat preservation and security of common mulch film, promote crop yield increase, early maturity, and weed control functions. Using polyethylene resins as raw materials, by different types of additives, chemical herbicides are co-extruded or coated in mulching film. Herbicides in the mulch are leached back to the surface by surface water in the surface soil, and herbicide-bearing soil is formed on the surface layer, called as treatment layer. The herbicide in the treatment layer is absorbed by the weed stems, leaves, roots, etc., and enters into the weeds through conduction, so that the plant cells undergo physiological changes or morphological changes, and finally achieve the purpose of inhibiting growth and leading to death.

1. Herbicide-containing sward film

(1) Double-sided drug-containing monolayer sward film
The herbicides, adjuvants and resins are pre-mixed or made into masterbatch and blown into film by conventional mulch extruder.

(2) Single-layer drug-containing double-layer sward film
The herbicide-containing A resin layer and B resin protective layer that prevents herbicide diffusion was double-layered composite weeding film. This kind of weed control membrane contains medicine on one side, when applied, the medicine side is applied to the ground, the layer thickness is 0.1mm, the double layer thickness is 0.2mm, the film thickness is easy to recycle, and the drug efficacy is fully utilized, but the cost is high.

(3) Single-side brushing herbicides weeding film
On one side of the ordinary film, the herbicide is applied to the film by painting and drying. The membrane has medicine on one side, but some can also diffuse to the outer layer.

2. Detergent film containing sunscreen

Low-density polyethylene resin and linear low-density polyethylene resin are used as base materials, add black masterbatch and additives, blow into film.

3. Black plastic film

Adding a proper amount of carbon black in plastic products can effectively prevent the aging caused by ultraviolet irradiation. Since the black plastic membrane’s the most important feature is almost no light, it is covered on the ground, weeds can not grow due to lack of light, until the dead , It has herbicidal action to inhibit the growth of weeds.

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