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  • how to use black mulch | home guides | sf gate

    How to Use Black Mulch | Home Guides | SF Gate

    Mulch in any form is usually a good thing, but black mulch is particularly beneficial when trying to prevent weeds, retain water in your garden, and warm the soil for heat-loving crops such as peppers, tomatoes and melons.

  • black mulch dangers | garden guides

    Black Mulch Dangers | Garden Guides

    Black Mulch Dangers By Kenneth Black; Updated September 21, 2017 . … Many black mulch products made using wood use black coming from a carbon process, …

  • how to use black mulch in the garden | garden guides

    How to Use Black Mulch in the Garden | Garden Guides

    Mulch is anything you lay on the ground to prevent weeds, retain soil moisture and help keep your soil both warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather. While mulch is typically organic material such as compost or dried leaves, it also can be man-made.

  • 10 mulch dos and don’t’s | hgtv

    10 Mulch Dos and Don’t’s | HGTV

    Using a dark mulch can contrast with flowers, improving your landscape design. … There’s a belief that black plastic will keep weeds down.

  • 6 tips for using black mulch in landscaping – homeyou

    6 Tips for Using Black Mulch in Landscaping – homeyou

    Here's how to use black mulch in your garden. There are many ways to tend to your garden, and one of the most beneficial methods is to add mulch to your yard.

  • using decorative colored mulches in planting beds

    Using Decorative Colored Mulches In Planting Beds

    Are decorative bark mulches a good idea? The pros and cons of using black and colored decorative bark mulch in your landscape and garden designs.

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