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  • eny-832/in651: the facts about termites and mulch

    ENY-832/IN651: The Facts About Termites and Mulch

    There have been many rumors swirling about the Internet concerning termites being spread throughout the country by large chain stores via bags of landscape mulch. In our opinion, the greater risk to structures is from termites already established in your yard as opposed to any termite stragglers …

  • termites in mulch – ask the exterminator

    Termites In Mulch – Ask The Exterminator

    AsktheExterminator.com: Improper mulching can provide nesting harbors for insect pests along foundations of structures like houses and office buildings.

  • does wood mulch attract termites and other insects? | today's …

    Does Wood Mulch Attract Termites and Other Insects? | Today's …

    Read this article for some tips on how to apply wood and other mulches around the foundation of your home to keep termites away.

  • does mulch attract termites? | terminix

    Does Mulch Attract Termites? | Terminix

    Does mulch naturally contain termites, or does it attract them? Learn how to prevent termites in mulch from damaging your home.

  • termites in mulch – | pestnet pest leads & marketing

    Termites in Mulch – | Pestnet Pest Leads & Marketing

    Termites in mulch is a concern for homeowners who purchase and transfer mulch to their yard. Termite don't eat the mulch. Learn about termites in mulch.

  • termites in mulch!!!!! ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – houzz

    Termites in mulch!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Houzz

    I just found termites 1/8" below the surface of cypress mulch, when I pulled a weed out in the flower bed. I have never heard that mulch would invite termites.

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