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Potato plastic mulch

Film mulching potato cultivation generally uses flat ridge, filming method is simple and easy, according to the 60CM film surface, 40cm film spacing, and then fertilizer, shallow turning and the soil is fully mixed, chemical fertilizer on the seed potato has toxic effects, Therefore, try to mix the fertilizer with the soil and cover film. When the sowing period is over, broken film and sowing.

Larger potato species, it is not easy to broken film sowing, production often used “first sowing and cover film”, after emergence, put seedlings, but this is not conducive to spring protection, but also not conducive to rain looting film, unless the rain is right for sowing period. Therefore in the dry farming area should cover film in early spring (bottom hoe better) or wait rain and mulching film, and then wait until the seeding period to break down the film.

There are two methods for potato mulching cultivation: one is to cover the mulch on the ridge and sow on the ridges. This type of ridge cultivation is in line with the conditions of low temperature and high humidity in spring and high humidity areas. The other is to cover the ridge with film, cover the mulching film, and make the egg hole at the sowing point so as to facilitate the rainwater concentration on the film to form a miniature rain surface and pour the potato seedlings. It not only has the function of collecting rain and resisting time, but also does not reduce the effect of film insulation and heat preservation.

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