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  • plastic mulch – wikipedia

    Plastic mulch – Wikipedia

    Plastic mulch is a product used, in a similar fashion to mulch, to suppress weeds and conserve water in crop production and landscaping. Certain plastic mulches also act as a barrier to keep methyl bromide, both a powerful fumigant and ozone depleter, in the soil.

  • agriculture films | polyethylene mulch | optimum plastics

    Agriculture Films | Polyethylene Mulch | Optimum Plastics

    Polyethylene’s impermeability curtails the direct evaporation of precious moisture in the soil. Surprisingly, color can play a critical role in the performance of plastic mulch films. Depending upon the crop, its color, and climate, our films can dramatically increase crop yields.

  • cir805/cv213: polyethylene mulching for early vegetable …

    Cir805/CV213: Polyethylene Mulching for Early Vegetable …

    Polyethylene mulch has been used commercially on vegetables since the early 1960s. Currently, polyethylene mulch is used on thousands of acres of vegetables in the United States. Florida leads in use with about 100,000 acres of mulched vegetables.

  • buy plastic mulches for weed control – harris seeds

    Buy Plastic Mulches for Weed Control – Harris Seeds

    Use plastic mulch from Harris Seeds for your plants and crops to control weeds, increase soil temperature, retain moisture, … Plastic and Paper Mulches.

  • using plastic mulches and drip irrigation for vegetables | nc …

    Using Plastic Mulches and Drip Irrigation for Vegetables | NC …

    Muskmelons, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, watermelons and okra are vegetable crops that have shown significant increases in earliness,…

  • solid plastic (polyethylene) mulch – johnny's selected seeds

    Solid Plastic (Polyethylene) Mulch – Johnny's Selected Seeds

    Conserve moisture, control soil temperature, and suppress weeds with plastic mulch. Johnny’s offers several colors: black plastic mulch is the industry standard; red plastic mulch reflects far-red wavelengths and increases tomato yields; and white on black plastic mulch cools the soil.

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