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Plastic mulch film cover

1. Flat cover

The width of lotus root is 1.0-1.65 meters, which is convenient for irrigation, and the effect of subsequent temperature increase is poor;

Advantages: strong water retention, easy for fertilization and irrigation;
Disadvantages: The low temperature rises slowly, the plastic film is easily polluted by soil and the light transmittance is reduced, which is unfavorable to the mechanized operation, and the effect of increasing production is poor;

2. High ridge coverage
Wide 0.45-0.6 meters, high 0.1-0.15 meters, good warming effect;

3. Sorghum coverage
The bottom width is 1.0 meters, the width is 0.65-0.7 meters, the height is 0.1-0.12 meters, and the groove width is 0.3 meters;

Advantages: insulation, good moisturizing effect, rapid warming, significant increase in production, suitable for mechanized operations.
Disadvantages: Irrigation, fertilization is difficult, water infiltration is not enough, prone to heart and dryness in the middle and late defermentation, premature aging and other issues.

4. Gully coverage

Cover the sky first and cover the ground. Early period insulation and frost protection, Later period irrigation.

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