Perforated Black Mulch Film

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Perforated Black Mulch Film

Detail Specifications:

Mulch Film
Feature Controlling weeds, strong durable
Material LLDPE/ LDPE
Paper core diameter 4inches, 5inches, 6inches, 7inches, 8inches or customized
Thickness Single layer 20micron,30micron,40micron…(20micron~150micron±5mircon) or as your request
Double layer 40micron,50micron,60micron…(40micron~300micron±5mircon) or as your request
Length As your request
Width Single layer 400mm,500mm,600mm…(400mm~1200mm±5mm) or as your request
Double layer 200mm,300mm,400mm…(200mm~6000mm±5mm) or as your request
Color Transparent/ black/ green/ silvery.etc (single or double color)
Weight Based on size thickness
Minimum order 3 ton
Packing 4roll/carton ; 6roll/carton or as your request
Delivery time 15-20days (based on quantity)
Remark Special size can be made according to customers’ requirement

1. Increase soil temperature, conserve soil moisture, keep soil structure.
2. prevent diseases caused by crop pest, promote growth.
3. light is shut out, and the growth of the weed is suppressed.
4. It keeps the soil moist and warm.
5. The plant is protected from frost.

Perforated Black Mulch FilmPerforated Black Mulch FilmPerforated Black Mulch Film

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