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  • what is mulch and which mulch should you use where?

    What Is Mulch and Which Mulch Should You Use Where?

    Mulching your garden improves the soil in many ways and also makes the garden more attractive. Here are the pros and cons of various mulch materials.

  • mulching for landscape | hgtv

    Mulching for Landscape | HGTV

    Get expert advice from on mulching your landscape for every season as well preventing fungus and growth.

  • mulching – definition of mulching by the free dictionary

    Mulching – definition of mulching by The Free Dictionary

    mulch (mŭlch) n. A protective covering, as of bark chips, straw, or plastic sheeting, placed on the ground around plants to suppress weed growth, retain soil moisture, or …

  • proper mulching techniques – treesaregood

    Proper Mulching Techniques – TreesAreGood

    Proper Mulching Techniques Mulching is one of the most beneficial practices a homeowner can use for better tree health. Mulches are materials placed over the soil surface to maintain moisture a

  • mulch – wikipedia

    Mulch – Wikipedia

    A mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of soil.Reasons for applying mulch include conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of the area.

  • how to mulch: tips and guidelines | howstuffworks

    How to Mulch: Tips and Guidelines | HowStuffWorks

    Mulch keeps weeds down and reduces the need for water. Learn how to mulch, the different types of mulch, and garden soil care.

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