Mulch Film for Planting Strawberry

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Mulch film for planting strawberry

The special film of strawberry is made of high quality resin and auxiliary agent by yinfengplastic. It is made of compound blow molding with three layers of internal cooling equipment.

It has the functions of high transparency, aging resistance, flow drop and fog, etc.

Can effectively improve the content and coloring effect of sugar, ore and other substances, and improve the quality of crops and the value of goods.

Product parameters:

Mulch film for planting strawberry
Material: Polyethylene
Thickness: 0.013-0.08 mm
Width: 800-2000 mm
Tensile properties: very good
Production process: extrusion blow molding
Feature: multifunctional film
Light transmittance: none
Elongation at break: greater than 180%
Appearance: black
Right-angle tearing performance: greater than 0.9

Main Application:
1. To cover crop;
2. Raise the soil temperature;
3. Keep the Fruit or blade clean;

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