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  • landscaping ideas: 7 alternative types of mulch | diy: true …

    Landscaping Ideas: 7 Alternative Types of Mulch | DIY: True …

    Learn about different types of mulch (rocks, pine needles, rubber, leaves, hay, etc.) and how to apply mulch with this DIY landscaping guide from True Value.

  • landscaping mulch alternatives | home guides | sf gate

    Landscaping Mulch Alternatives | Home Guides | SF Gate

    Some people tend to get stuck in a rut with their landscaping, always using the same mulch covering in the plant beds year after year. If this is you, consider changing it up a bit the next time you need to freshen up your natural areas.

  • landscaping mulch alternatives | garden guides

    Landscaping Mulch Alternatives | Garden Guides

    Mulch offers several benefits to the home gardeners, so its worth the effort of spreading it around. It suppresses the growth of weeds, which makes maintenance much easier.

  • mulch alternatives: adding curb appeal to your home – the …

    Mulch Alternatives: Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home – The …

    Discover mulch alternatives that may work for your landscape. Permanent solutions will allow you to quit throwing your money away every spring!

  • green ideas for mulch alternatives |

    Green Ideas for Mulch Alternatives |

    Mulching with dyed and treated wood chips gets messy, ugly and introduces chemicals to your garden. So forget about store-bought, bagged mulch and focus on green alternatives instead.

  • using stone mulch for landscaping | melvin mulch

    Using Stone Mulch for Landscaping | Melvin Mulch

    Stone mulch is an excellent alternative to typical wood varieties of mulch. It has benefits that make it superior in some situations. Call Melvin for info.

  • what are some good mulch alternatives? – ground trades …

    What are some good mulch alternatives? – Ground Trades …

    I want to redo some beds in my back yard. There's two of them actually, and one is quite large. I was leaning towards mulch but was wondering if there

  • alternative mulches | home guides | sf gate

    Alternative Mulches | Home Guides | SF Gate

    Mulch serves important functions in your garden, helping reduce weeds and hold the moisture in the soil. But there's no rule that says the mulch must be traditional pine straw, gravel or wood chips.

  • landscape rubber mulch | leed credits for landscape rubber mulch

    Landscape Rubber Mulch | LEED Credits for Landscape Rubber Mulch

    Landscape Rubber Mulch – GroundSmart Rubber Mulch and Rubber Bark for Commercial and Residential Landscapes and Landscaping. LEEDs Landscaping Material

  • ideas for cheap or even free mulches

    Ideas for Cheap or Even Free Mulches

    Like black plastic mulch, poly tarps provide a cheaper and easier alternative to bark mulches for covering large areas. An advantage poly tarps have over black plastic mulch is that they are sturdier.

  • living mulch offers an alternative to wood bark or chips in …

    Living mulch offers an alternative to wood bark or chips in …

    Looking for a way to deter weeds, repel harmful insects, attract beneficial ones, improve soil, retain water and make your gardens look beautiful? Check out living mulch. Rather than settle for typical garden mulches like bark or gravel, living mulch (often called cover crops) offfers a brilliant …

  • 5 alternatives to mulch in flower beds – a green hand

    5 Alternatives To Mulch In Flower Beds – A Green Hand

    Each of these mulches provides its own visual allure while also has benefits. With our help, you can find the perfect mulch alternative for your flower bed.

  • mulch alternatives – mulch alternatives for your landscape

    Mulch Alternatives – Mulch Alternatives for your Landscape

    Mulch is a crucial element for any home garden or landscape. Mulch retains moisture, insulates plant roots and reduces weed growth.

  • mulch alternative – southern landscaping materials

    Mulch Alternative – Southern Landscaping Materials

    On average, most people re-mulch their landscape once a year. This may have to be done more or less frequently […]

  • 22 best mulch alternatives images on pinterest | landscaping …

    22 best Mulch alternatives images on Pinterest | Landscaping …

    Explore Erin Morin's board "Mulch alternatives" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Landscaping, Garden beds and Gardening.

  • mulch alternatives? – houzz

    Mulch alternatives? – Houzz

    Hello, I have been trying to make a decision on mulch for my garden beds and I thought about using double shredded dark brown or possibly black , but as I put it down in big test areas, it looks like dirt.

  • alternative mulch – ohio mulch

    Alternative Mulch – Ohio Mulch

    Cocoa Mulch is an excellent soil amendment. It is a deep copper color and is rich in nutrients. Learn more about Mulch Basics – Click Here How much Mulch do you Need?

  • how to select mulch at the home depot

    How To Select Mulch at The Home Depot

    Mulch Alternatives; Plastic, landscape fabric, grass clippings, manure and newspaper can all be used as mulch alternatives. Black polyethylene plastic: effective at preventing weed growth, though it tends to hold water in the soil.

  • simple guide to plastic mulch and alternatives

    Simple Guide to Plastic Mulch and Alternatives

    With spring on the horizon, now is a good time to talk about plastic mulch and alternate options.

  • what are some alternatives to mulch? | angie's list

    What are Some Alternatives to Mulch? | Angie's List

    Mulch alternative options include stone mulch, rubber mulch and ground cover plants.

  • what are some good alternatives to mulch? (lawn & garden …

    what are some good alternatives to mulch? (Lawn & Garden …

    mulch requires too much maintenance. what other groundcover options are there?

  • alternatives to mulch in flower beds

    Alternatives to mulch in flower beds

    There are numerous of mulch alternatives you might not have considered using to pamper your flowers and ground. Read on to discover more alternatives to mulch.

  • landscaping with mulch

    Landscaping with Mulch

    Neatly mulched beds improve the appearance of any landscape. Mulch can protect a plant's root system, add nutrients to the soil and slow the erosion of topsoil.

  • alternatives to traditional mulch | house method

    Alternatives to Traditional Mulch | House Method

    Do you want to change up the look of your garden while still maintaining weed growth? Here are seven alternatives to traditional mulch that prevent weed growth and add nutrients to your soil.

  • mulch alternatives – rubber mulch

    Mulch Alternatives – Rubber Mulch

    There are many different types of mulches and each has their own set of pros and cons. These mulch alternatives can be used for variety of purposes.

  • alternatives to mulch – houzz

    alternatives to mulch – Houzz

    I am landscaping for the first time! We are going to install some stamped concrete. The left side of the yard is covered by grass. the main patio will be in the middle with some grass in front of it.

  • groundcover can be attractive alternative to mulch

    Groundcover can be attractive alternative to mulch

    Sometimes mulch can be a bit too much, our Cathy Maloney says. Mulches retain moisture and restrain weeds and are great for protecting the roots of trees from lawn mower and edger cuts.

  • mulch alternatives around trees – horticulturehorticulture

    Mulch Alternatives Around Trees – HorticultureHorticulture

    Volcano mulching continues to be an epidemic in the landscape. This got me to thinking, if we cannot get people to avoid mounding mulch up against their trees’ trunks, maybe we should do without mulch all together. Gasp! I love fresh mulch and I do believe I am addicted to pine fines. I love the …

  • making wood pellets from the sawdust

    Making Wood Pellets From the Sawdust

    No.100 Shangdu Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China

  • pelletmill whirlston (rosezhou) on pinterest

    pelletmill whirlston (rosezhou) on Pinterest

    pelletmill whirlston | Love life.

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