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  • how to make mulch: 13 steps (with pictures) – wikihow

    How to Make Mulch: 13 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

    How to Make Mulch. Mulch is great in the garden because it prevents soil erosion, keeps moisture in the ground, helps prevent weed growth, protects plants from pests, and helps soil maintain an even temperature.

  • make homemade mulch | compost mulch – learn2grow

    Make Homemade Mulch | Compost Mulch – Learn2Grow

    Mulching can do wonders for the garden – moderating soil temperatures and retaining moisture. But the cost of mulch can add up quickly. What can you do? Take advantage of the “homegrown mulch” around your yard.

  • how to make compost – better homes and gardens

    How to Make Compost – Better Homes and Gardens

    Learn how to make your own compost and get tips on how to use compost so you can enjoy the benefits of "black gold" in your garden!

  • how to make compost – mother earth news

    How to Make Compost – Mother Earth News

    Choose from the many easy ways to make compost for increased garden productivity: low-cost homemade bins, piles sans bins, chicken power, pest-proof tumblers — even indoor worm bins!

  • how to make wood chip mulch for your yard | today's homeowner

    How To Make Wood Chip Mulch for Your Yard | Today's Homeowner

    Find out how to use a wood chipper/shredder to make shredded wood mulch for use around your shrubs or in your garden.

  • composting guru – how to make compost | planet natural

    Composting Guru – How to Make Compost | Planet Natural

    Welcome to COMPOSTING GURU, a go-to guide for making & using compost. Here you’ll find all you need to know to start making nature’s perfect soil amendment.

  • making your own mulch what you’ll need – troy-bilt

    Making Your Own Mulch What You’ll Need – Troy-Bilt

    Making Your Own Mulch Choose a site for your mulch pile. A mulch pile is a gathering of materials that you collect, mix together and allow to decompose.

  • how to make your own mulch | angie's list

    How to Make Your Own Mulch | Angie's List

    Once you know how to make your own mulch, it's an inexpensive and effective way to care for your garden and lawn and add nutrients to the soil for your plants.

  • how to make compost | diy

    How to Make Compost | DIY

    DIY Network experts share the simple ingredients and processes that allow you to make great garden compost at home.

  • rake leaves and make compost, mulch – the spruce

    Rake Leaves and Make Compost, Mulch – The Spruce

    Don't rake leaves and dispose of them. Make compost or mulch with them. But first plan for which of those 2 products you want (it makes a difference).

  • making mulch from leaves, step-by-step

    Making Mulch from Leaves, Step-By-Step

    Step by step instructions about making mulch from leaves. Leaf mold is a valuable and easy to make garden supplement.

  • how to apply mulch: 14 steps (with pictures) – wikihow

    How to Apply Mulch: 14 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

    This is untrue, but applying mulch can make the freezing process more gradual and reduce excessive freeze-thaw cycles, … Cookies make wikiHow better.

  • diy organic mulch for your survival farm | survivopedia

    DIY Organic Mulch For Your Survival Farm | Survivopedia

    Video first seen on Growing Wisdom. These are the basics of making your own organic mulch with leaves as the main (or only) ingredient. The same procedure is used on every type of organic mulch.

  • composting | eartheasy guides & articles

    Composting | Eartheasy Guides & Articles

    Make sure your compost is hot enough. Reach your hand into the center of the pile – it should be almost too hot for comfort. Specifically, …

  • 8 steps for making better garden soil | mother earth news

    8 Steps for Making Better Garden Soil | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

    Use these organic and natural methods to make healthy garden soil from common dirt.

  • how to make your own mulch: a beginner's guide … – wise bread

    How to Make Your Own Mulch: A Beginner's Guide … – Wise Bread

    How to make your own fertilizer, or mulch, using kitchen waste! Reduce and reuse kitchen garbage.

  • making compost – black gold for your organic garden – dummies

    Making Compost – Black Gold for Your Organic Garden – dummies

    The best and most refined of organic matters is compost, which is organic matter and/or manures that have decomposed until they resemble loamy soil. Thoroughly decomposed compost contains lots of humus — the beneficial, soil-improving material your plants need.

  • equipment – amerimulch

    Equipment – Amerimulch

    “When it comes time for our company to purchase equipment, we purchase the best equipment that is available in the industry. With Amerimulch you get a company who stands behind their product and a machine that produces quality, color enhanced mulch cost effectively.”

  • how to dye your mulch |

    How to Dye Your Mulch |

    Whether your personal preference is for a natural look or a dyed color mulch, using mulch is always a good practice in the landscape to maintain moisture around your plants and to keep weeds down. Even in its blandest form, mulch adds a different aesthetic to your gardens and landscaping that soil …

  • what is mulch and which mulch should you use where?

    What Is Mulch and Which Mulch Should You Use Where?

    Mulch is any material that is spread or laid over the surface of the soil as a covering. It is used to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keep the soil cool, and make the garden bed look more attractive. Organic mulches also help improve the soil’s fertility, as they decompose. Organic …

  • how to make better compost | tips on how to compost

    How to Make Better Compost | Tips on how to compost

    10 tips on how to make better compost. Basics of composting and secret ingredients to super-charge your compost!

  • how to make old mulch look new | home guides | sf gate

    How to Make Old Mulch Look New | Home Guides | SF Gate

    Landscaping mulch can be expensive to replace year after year, especially if it covers large areas of your yard. And raking, bagging and disposing of the old mulch represents a lot of work.

  • composting equipment and supplies | planet natural

    Composting Equipment and Supplies | Planet Natural

    Aerators & Activators. With the right composting equipment, turning garbage into garden gold is a cinch! We supply everything you need: activators to get your pile cooking and compost thermometers that measure the heat, compost turners to aerate your heap and tea brewers to make nutrient rich-liquid fertilizer.

  • composting at home | reduce, reuse, recycle | us epa

    Composting At Home | Reduce, Reuse, Recycle | US EPA

    Compost is organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow. Food scraps and yard waste currently make up 20 to 30 percent of what we throw away, and should be composted instead. Making compost keeps these materials out of landfills where they take up space and release methane, a …

  • making and using compost – university of missouri

    Making and Using Compost – University of Missouri

    Reviewed by Christopher J. Starbuck Division of Plant Sciences. Compost is partially decomposed organic matter. It is dark and easily crumbled and has an earthy aroma.

  • mulch – wikipedia

    Mulch – Wikipedia

    It can also lower the pH of the soil surface, making it useful as a mulch under acid loving plants. However peat bogs are a valuable wildlife habitat, …

  • gardening – making compost – better health channel

    Gardening – making compost – Better Health Channel

    Compost is nature's fertiliser. It is made from decomposed organic matter.

  • how to make mulch from wood chips | garden guides

    How to Make Mulch From Wood Chips | Garden Guides

    Mulch deters weeds, retains soil moisture, and stabilizes soil temperature to ease root stress, making for happier, healthier, plants. Wood chips make an ideal landscaping and garden mulch.

  • how to build a compost bin | this old house

    How to Build a Compost Bin | This Old House

    Step Three // How to Build a Compost Bin. Make the Back and Sides. Illustration by Gregory Nemec . For the back of the bin, …

  • how to make mulch- vegetable garden mulch – mulching

    How to Make Mulch- Vegetable Garden Mulch – Mulching

    Are you getting ready to prepare your garden for winter? Here are some tips on how to properly mulch your garden now and for next spring.

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