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  • landscape glass – landscaping | glass mulch | mulch

    Landscape Glass – Landscaping | Glass Mulch | Mulch

    If you are looking for mulch or landscaping decoration consider landscape glass. Tumbled in a unique process that creates a vibrant look and color for your yard and landscaping needs.

  • tumbled glass mulch ? how to use recycled glass in gardens

    Tumbled Glass Mulch ? How To Use Recycled Glass In Gardens

    What is glass mulch? This unique product made of recycled, tumbled glass is used in the landscape much like gravel or pebbles. However, the intense colors of glass mulch never fade and the durable mulch lasts nearly forever.

  • close the loop – garden glass mulch

    Close the Loop – Garden Glass Mulch

    Close the Loop offers 30 colors of glass mulch, used in fire pits, landscape walkways, anywhere you would like a unique, vibrant colored glass, a permanent landscaping mulch that never fades or needs replacing, and is virtually maintenance free.

  • 1 bag of glass mulch covers how much ground? | home guides …

    1 Bag of Glass Mulch Covers How Much Ground? | Home Guides …

    Glass mulch is used to cover ground to improve soil conditions in several ways. Mulch reduces moisture loss in soil by impeding the water evaporation process.

  • glass landscape glass, toy playing, decorative, games …

    Glass Landscape Glass, Toy Playing, Decorative, Games …

    A factory-direct source for wholesale decorative glass; marbles, glass gems, mini-glass shapes, seaglass, beachglass and paperweights.

  • make your own sea-glass mulch! (with pictures)

    MAKE YOUR OWN SEA-GLASS MULCH! (with Pictures)

    Ok so it isn't true seaglass but it is a decent approximation and one of the few ways you could get enough to really fill your garden. All it takes…

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