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  • choosing the right mulch for vegetable gardens

    Choosing the Right Mulch for Vegetable Gardens

    Gardener's Supply — There are dozens of techniques for mulching your vegetable garden. For best results, match the mulch to the crop, weather conditions and soil.

  • mulch – landscaping – the home depot

    Mulch – Landscaping – The Home Depot

    Adding mulch is highly beneficial to your plants and flowers. This Home Depot guide explains different organic or inorganic materials to mulch your garden

  • garden mulch types—when and how to use them

    Garden Mulch Types—When and How to Use Them

    How do you choose between the different types of mulch? What's the right way to use garden mulch? Find out in an article that also covers safety tips.

  • all about garden mulches | better homes & gardens

    All About Garden Mulches | Better Homes & Gardens

    Sort through the mulch options and choose the right security blanket for your flowerbeds.

  • get the most from vegetable garden mulches | mother earth news

    Get the Most From Vegetable Garden Mulches | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

    One of the hallmarks of any healthy organic garden is the effective use of mulches. Defined as materials used to cover the soil’s surface, mulches help control weeds, prevent disease, conserve moisture, maintain consistent soil temperatures, enrich the soil with organic matter and just make the …

  • organic mulch: a gardener's good friend – bonnie plants

    Organic Mulch: A Gardener's Good Friend – Bonnie Plants

    Organic Mulch: A Gardener’s Good Friend. Organic mulch covers the ground, acting like a tidy, beneficial blanket in your veggie garden — call it the Silent Gardener.

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