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  • how to mulch in flower beds | home guides | sf gate

    How to Mulch in Flower Beds | Home Guides | SF Gate

    Adding a layer of mulch to your flower beds improves their appearance, helps retain soil moisture and suppresses weeds. If you use a natural mulch, such as bark chips or nut shells, as the mulch breaks down it provides nutrients to your flowers.

  • how to choose and apply mulch to your flower beds

    How To Choose And Apply Mulch to Your Flower Beds

    Knowing how to choose and apply mulch to flower beds is a good habit to get into to preserve the look and health of your landscape and flower beds. But what is mulch?

  • how to mulch a flower bed | doityourself.com

    How to Mulch a Flower Bed | DoItYourself.com

    Mulch is a useful addition to any garden or yard. Whether it's organic or inorganic, mulch helps moderate soil temperature and weather damage, prevent weed growth, and retain soil moisture. Plus, a well-incorporated batch of mulch can totally transform the aesthetic of a garden or flower bed and …

  • how to mulch flowerbeds

    How to Mulch Flowerbeds

    Learn how, why, and when to mulch your flowerbeds for a healthy garden.

  • how to keep mulch from floating out of flower beds

    How to Keep Mulch From Floating Out of Flower Beds

    Read this article for tips on how to keep mulch in planting bed in place and which types of mulch tend to stay put better than others.

  • 5 alternatives to mulch in flower beds – a green hand

    5 Alternatives To Mulch In Flower Beds – A Green Hand

    Each of these mulches provides its own visual allure while also has benefits. With our help, you can find the perfect mulch alternative for your flower bed.

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