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  • colored mulch: the good, the bad, and the ugly |

    Colored Mulch: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly |

    Many homeowners use colored mulch in their landscaping and gardening. Popular options like red mulch and black mulch not only provide the horticultural benefits of mulch, but also give your multicolored flowerbeds a decorative pop. Although, many critics cite the potential dangers, garish colors …

  • black colored mulch | indianapolis mulch | mccarty mulch

    Black Colored Mulch | Indianapolis Mulch | McCarty Mulch

    Do you want long lasting color? Try our colored mulches! Finely ground wood fiber mulch, generously dyed with a nontoxic coloring, dark jet black in color

  • natural vs. colored mulch: which do people prefer?

    Natural vs. Colored Mulch: Which Do People Prefer?

    Some hate colored mulch, preferring the natural look. But it offers a choice in colors. You can give plants a red, brown or black backdrop with it.

  • black colored mulch – greencycle mccarty

    Black Colored Mulch – GreenCycle McCarty

    » Black Colored Mulch | Landscape Mulch, Landscape Rock, Garden Stone Supplier Indianapolis Indiana

  • dyed mulch vs. regular mulch: using colored mulch in gardens

    Dyed Mulch Vs. Regular Mulch: Using Colored Mulch In Gardens

    Learn more about colored mulch vs … Most colored mulches are dyed with harmless dyes, like iron oxide-based dyes for red or carbon-based dyes for black and …

  • black mulch | living earth

    Black Mulch | Living Earth

    Black Mulch is made from recycled tree trimmings and is color enhanced with a black non-toxic dye. Living Earth Black Mulch looks great under shrubs and trees. The dark color highlights the plants above it and makes any landscaped area standout.

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